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Data-driven Changemakers crunch numbers and deliver impact. Would you like to try? Join our Datathon event from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November 2016. The theme of Datathon will be “Active public space”. The participants will analyse Prague city data (which will be given) to conceptualize practical solutions for:

-Urban Movement
-Diverse City
-Bottom-up Impact

Venue: CERGE-EI, Politických vězňů 7, Prague 1

Date and Time: Friday 11 November from 13:00 to 19:00, Saturday 12 November from 9:30 to 18:00 and Sunday 13 November from 9:00 to 15:00.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the event. On Saturday there will be an after party in the CERGE-EI student club. You can stay overnight for free at CERGE-EI.

The Datathon is for bachelor and master students interested in working with data and / or topics related to urban development. We do not expect you to have much experience of working with data but you should have a working knowledge of using Excel.

During the Datathon you’ll get hands-on experience of what it‘s like to solve a real urban development challenge using data analysis skills. You’ll choose a topic that interests you, form a team with other students and spend two days solving the case. In the end you‘ll present your findings to the jury and members of the winning team will each receive a 1,000 USD scholarship for our MA in Applied Economics program and ARCHIP will also offer a 1,000 USD tuition discount for their masters program.

Datathon will be followed by a specific intervention scheme to improve a public space in Prague. The Datathon participants will develop a proposal for an intervention scheme, based on their analysis conducted during Datathon. This intervention will be installed and its impact tested within 2-3 months after the Datathon event in a specific location in Prague. It is anticipated the intervention should improve the quality of the city’s public space and inhabitants experience of living in and moving around the city. Moreover, it will present how data can be used to solve a problem in order to improve society. The Datathon participants who were involved in proposing the intervention, will be welcome to continue working on the intervention after the Datathon event to make it ready for installation.

Stay tuned, more details coming soon!

If you are ready to join us, fill in the application form.

About Virtual Reality and BCN SUPERILLA POBLEJOC installation

As part of the BCN SUPERILLA POBLEJOC installation, an augmented reality application was developed which was used to digitally overlay information about the activities and functions of the installation.

Using a QR code, the users can download the application, which is freely available for Android and Apple phones, and use it to get more information on each module of the installation. By pointing their phone cameras to the physical markers of each module, digital information is overlayed on them regarding the program and location of different activities related with the installation, as well as related general information about the city.

By introducing this digital layer to the installation, the aim is to further engage the public in both the physical and the digital layer and to provide a second level of interaction, through information and social media.

Data visualized

Screen tag: general info on the project; 3D model of the superilla

Bench tag: twitter feeds with the #Superilla hashtag

Pods general tag: info on urban agriculture in Barcelona

Pods specific tags (one tag per plant): nutritional value and days to grow for cauliflower, lechuga, enciam, beans

Table tennis general tag: map with sports locations around the area

Table tennis specific tags: calories burned, optimum temperature and relevant time of the day to practice for swimming, cycling, running, table tennis, volleyball

Market tag: market’s weekly schedule


BCN SUPERILLA POBLEJOC installation – September, 12th – 22th 2016 @ Sant Martí district

BCN SUPERILLA POBLEJOC installation will be in the Sant Martí district between the 12th and the 22th of September,  in the framework of the#SUPERILLA PILOT TEST project. On these dates a rich program of activities will animate the #SUPERILLA PILOT TEST area. If you want to know more, please have a look at the #SUPERILLA website

POBLEJOC is as an interactive installation designed as an Urban Game with the aim of activating public space. bench incorporating a tree, an urban orchard, a market stall, a ping pong table and a screen, all mobile (on wheels), are the elements that are positioned in the #Superilla pilot test area. They can be moved by the users creating different configurations, reflecting the citizens’ desires in terms of design superblock public space, hence activating it.

The space configurations are mapped through the use of a drone, in order to extract data on the space dynamics. Moreover, downloading the poblejoc app, users can obtain information, through augmented reality, on each furniture module. Technology is used within the installation with the aim of further enhancing citizen’s engagement.

If you want to see more pictures, please go to the APS FaceBook Page


BCN SUPERILLA POBLEJOC installation set-up

Untill the 11th of September 16 students participating to the BCN SUPERILLA workshop will hardly work in order to set up the BCN SUPERILLA POBLEJOC installation.

The installation is developed in the framework of the #SUPERILLA pilot test, which consists in a small scale pilot project of the SUPERILLA plan for Barcelona,  aimed at closing to the traffic a part of the city roads, creating pedestrian areas and public space, following the scheme below:


In the contest of the SUPERILLA PILOT TEST, 5  Barcelona schools of architecture will set up several installations in the new public space, in the Sant Martí district.

IAAC participates with APS workshop students, developing  the POBLEJOC installation, that will be in the district between the 12th and the 22th of September.  On these dates a rich program of activities will animate the SUPERILLA PILOT TEST area. If you want to know more, please have a look at the #SUPERILLA website


BCN SUPERILLA Workshop Results

BCN SUPERILLA workshop was held at IAAC between the 5th and the 7th of September.

16 students, responding to our call for papers, learned about Basics of Computation Design, Web Data sourcing, Data Visualization, Augmented reality, Robotic Data Visualizations, Grasshopper and Environmental Data&NDVI analysis, Emergenct Design and Advanced Behaviours thanks to IAAC, CCEA, UAAV and Nuomena teachers.

Moreover they worked at the design of the BCN SUPERILLA POBLEJOC installation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate to the next APS workshop, that will be held in Prague in November!

For updates follow this blog or our APS Facebook Page


BCN Workshop call for applications – deadline extended!

We still have some places for participating to IAAC Workshop on Active Public Space! Don’t miss the opportunity to join us!
The call is open till the 29th of August 2016.
In order to apply please send your cv to [email protected] providing the following information: Name / Age / Nationality / Education / Work experience / Experience in public projects & activities. Please write in the e-mail subject: BCN workshop application.

For more info:

BCN call for applications

Barcelona Workshop – open call for applications

Call for applications to participate to Barcelona workshop is now open!

The workshop (September, 5th– 7th 2016) will focus on the principles, implications and applications of ICTs for urban space and will include the following modules:

  • parametric design based on environmental conditions and selected data
  • real time data visualization
  • digital interfaces for the design and participatory management of public space
  • urban monitoring devices
  • smart advanced materials and applications in the built and public space
  • lectures by IAAC experts on technologies developed for smart energy management

The call is open till the 18th of August 2016.

In order to apply please send your cv to [email protected] providing the following information: Name / Age / Nationality / Education / Work experience / Experience in public projects & activities. Please write in the e-mail subject: BCN workshop application.

For further information:

BCN call for applications

Vienna Workshop – call results

Finally we have the list of students admitted to the Vienna Workshop on energy design and climate related aspects:

  • Kaan Karabagli
  • Angelica Lorenzi
  • Dennis Schiaroli
  • Nikola Kárníková
  • Irina Gunica
  • Afshin Koupaei
  • Mihailo Belosevac

We are looking forward to start working with you!

Vienna Workshop – open call for applications

Call Vienna Banner

Call for applications to participate to Vienna workshop is now open!

The workshop will focus on energy design, and climate related aspects of the public space and will include:

  • Teaching and practice of monitoring climate data from weather stations
  • Visualization and interpretation of data
  • Teaching and practice for parametric design based methodologies on environmental conditions
  • Lectures by UAAV Experts on Energy Design
  • Production and testing of interactive mock-ups (arduino)
  • Documentation of discussion, and user behavior
  • Final public presentation of realized work and closing discussion

The call is open till the 25th of May 2016.

In order to apply please send your cv to [email protected] providing the following information: Name / Age / Nationality / Instruction / Work experience / Experience in public projects & activities. Please write in the e-mail subject: VIE workshop application.

For further information: APS-Workshop-UAAV

Results of the Call for Submissions for the Active Public Space Catalogue

The wait is over!

And the winners are …

Shadowing (London/UK) – Chomko & Rosier

elCASC (Villena/ES) – elCASC – el fabricante de espheras, University of Alicante, Villena Town council

The authors of the two selected projects will receive a grant to participate to 2017 Active Public Space Symposium in Barcelona.

Moreover 13 projects were selected to be published in the Active Public Space Catalogue:

The Pool (London/UK) – Jen Lewin

Voyage (London/UK) – Aether&Hemera

Open source public space devices (Sevilla/ES) – + FabLab Sevilla + Students

Ecobulevard (Madrid/ES) – Ecosistemaurbano

Responsive Public Space (Graz/AT) – Ortlos

Van Gogh Path (Eindhoven/NL) – Studio Roosegaarde

Led Cloud (Amsterdam/NL) – Sophie Valla

Weaving Transition (Eindhoven/NL) – Ines Fiegert

Watersquare Benthemplein (Rotterdam/NL) – De Urbanisten

Public Playground (Rotterdam/NL) – Bekkering Adams architects

Energy Carousel (Dordrecht/NL) – Ecosistemaurbano

Happy Wall (Copenhagen/DK) – Thomas Dambo

Syn-oikia Pittaki (Athens/GR) – Beforelight


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